How a Virtual Assistant Can Give You Back Your Time

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

I remember the days of hiring a ‘temp’. The world is changing.


The Virtual Assistant (VA) has ushered in a new era making it easier and more practical for you.


Having a VA on call means you’re not having to retrain and familiarize a new person every time you need some short-term support.


Here is why you should consider a VA:

Here is just a sample of things you might delegate to a VA

  • Proofreading
  • Email Management
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Research people, places, or things
  • Data Entry
  • Digital File Management
  • Manage Website Comments
  • Create and upload blog articles
  • Managing/Submitting your expense report
  • Create promo graphics for Instagram
  • Create a banner for your LinkedIn profile or other social media 
  • Basic design and website creation
  • Newsletter management
  • Back-up your website
  • Post scheduling
  • Basic video production
  • Video uploads
  • Manage online customer inquiries

How it Works

Your Virtual Assistant is someone who grows with you over time, learning your preferences, goals, and the details of how best to support you and be of value.


Start by connecting via email. Let your VA know what it is you would like to do. Start small and ramp up as it serves you best. In time you should find that a lot of details are being handled in the background while you focus on key activities (or maybe some time with the family, a game of golf, or a trip to the spa.)

Time to take action and move forward...