Hi! I'm Archie

First off, I’m privileged to live in beautiful Victoria, BC. I know, right! I’ve lived here for decades and don’t expect to ever leave.


I bought my first computer in 1980 and I can’t count the variety of devices I’ve had since then. I’ve been messing around on computers since.


I’ve spent most of my life self-employed as a retail business owner, and then as a professional driver and tour guide on lower Vancouver Island. All the while spending my spare time at the keyboard. I’ve learned to learn.


At this point in my life, I do what I enjoy and that’s why I’m here to support you on your adventure.

Why Should I Be Your Virtual Assistant?

Maybe I shouldn’t be. Or maybe I’m your perfect fit. Let’s take a quick look at that.


Am I the best? No way. The best are expensive. A top-level expert in Social Media Management can name their price. I’m more like the Goldilocks Guy. Not too hot, not too cold…just right!


What most enterprising people need is someone to take some of the time pressure off. It may be taking over some simple but repetitive tasks from their To-Do list. It may be creating and uploading your social media promotional graphics, producing, and scheduling your newsletter, or managing your calendar. You need someone competent, reliable, and affordable to do the tasks you need to be done.


That’s what I’m here for.

It may be doing some branding work creating graphics and promoting for you on Social Media, setting up your first website, doing product or location research, or assisting as support on a film project in Victoria and lower Vancouver Island.

Time to take action and move forward...



Melanie E. 

Serial Entrepreneur

“You are a man of integrity, honesty, skill, you care, and are kind.”