How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Defeat Your Email Inbox


Let’s face it, your inbox can be a full-time job and the source of an outsized amount of stress, not to mention the time suck. Let’s solve that once and for all.


Never heard of a Virtual Assistant? Think that sounds complicated? Can’t really afford it? Virtual Assistants don’t need to be complicated or unaffordable. In fact, if you’re doing it right, they help you to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. Like any investment asset, they should pay for themselves.


What do Virtual Assistants Do?


The ultimate benefit of a VA is to let you recapture your time. Taking tasks off your to-do list, lighting your load, and time demands. Often this is all it takes to launch your productivity and profitability to the next level.




That’s the word to think of when you think of a Virtual Assistant. It basically means ‘customized for the user.’ Virtual Assistants do a lot of things. A generalist VA can help you with everything from managing your inbox nightmare to event planning. The abilities usually fall under a few categories including administrative, creative, and technical. Here’s a short list of examples:


  • Email management
  • Social media maintenance
  • Content creation and management
  • Website creation and/or maintenance
  • Travel planning & arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Research
  • Proofreading
  • Data entry
  • Calendar management


One of the many benefits of a Virtual Assistant is that they commonly self-train new skills at no expense to you if it is something they want to add to their skill set. Plus, you don’t have to provide them with an office, equipment, or a complicated and expensive benefits package.


How Do I Get Started with a VA?


First, you need to find one and if you’re on the Victoria Connect website then you already have a good start.


Once you have your candidate selected, start with some limited work. Depending on what your VA can do, you might start with something like getting an Instagram graphic created, or some content for your blog. If this is within the skill set of your VA, then it might cost you less than many specialists. Although you might find someone who charges a little less, you lose one of the greatest advantages a VA can offer. That’s the ability to scale up their contribution to your enterprise at a pace and budget that suits your needs.


If you’re happy with the initial results, then you can hand off another task from your to-do list to them and gain back more of your time. Here lies one of the beautiful things about a VA. Over time, they get to know you, your needs and preferences and, can offer you highly personalized support designed just for you. They become more proficient in whatever tasks you move to their to-do list and will likely become more cost-efficient over time. The longer you work with your VA the better they will get to know you and how you like things done.


For many enterprises, a Virtual Assistant is a game changer, giving you access to a human resource that might be much more costly if you hired someone full-time. Worse yet, you can find yourself trying to do everything yourself but ultimately being less effective.