The Real Business Plan: For Owners, Not Investors

The Real Business Plan For Small Business As a small business owner, opening up a business plan template or attempting to decode instructions found on some random website proved to be just a little intimidating. It became clear that if I didn’t have an MBA at least, along with a talented research team, and servers […]

The Risks, Dangers, and Downsides of Using an AI to Regurgitate Content

AI is here to stay and one of the prime targets for its applications is Content Creation. Anyone can log onto an AI site such as ChatGPT, enter a description of what you would like an article written on as well as any parameters and the bot will spit out your content. But, like everything, […]

Defeating The Inbox Management Monster

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Defeat Your Email Inbox Let’s face it, your inbox can be a full-time job and the source of an outsized amount of stress, not to mention the time suck. Let’s solve that once and for all. Never heard of a Virtual Assistant? Think that sounds complicated? Can’t really […]